Perhaps more than any other siding, SteelSide calls to mind the timeless appeal of a freshly painted wood finish. Its deep, rich colours enhanced with an authentic woodgrain texture will lend the perfect measure of refinement to any style home, while protecting it with the strength of steel.

Product Features

Ultra-Premium Steel Shield  SteelSide’s strength begins with pretreated galvanized steel that is primed and heat-fused with a thick PVC coating, making it virtually impervious to outdoor elements. This luxurious yet resilient finish will stand up strong against blistering heat, pounding hail, heavy snow and other punishing weather.

High Dimensional Stability  Rigid steel panels resist buckling and the wavy appearance that can result from expansion and contraction caused by extreme weather changes. SteelSide also will subtly conceal flaws in the exterior’s substructure, keeping wall lines exceptionally smooth and straight.

Commanding Steel Strength SteelSide’s rugged steel construction is virtually impervious to outdoor elements. And unlike wood, compressed particle board or fiber cement, it won’t absorb moisture. It’s also resistant to dents, warping, fire, termites, chalking, fading, and brittleness in cold weather.

Simple Upkeep  When it comes to maintaining your SteelSide siding, you can relax. There’s no need for time-consuming scraping and painting or struggling with ladders. Just a simple rinse with a garden hose will remove most airborne dust and dirt. In most cases, your siding will clean up quickly and easily.

Environmentally Friendly  Unlike some building materials such as fiber cement, SteelSide steel siding is a recyclable product. It also promotes energy conservation by creating a tight building envelope for more efficient heating and cooling performance year-round. “Building green” with SteelSide steel siding is good for you and good for the environment!

Investing in Your Home

Like many people, your home may be your single most important investment. When you consider the time and money spent repainting year after year, you’ll see why steel siding is smart choice. SteelSide’s easy upkeep and attractive appearance can enhance the curb appeal of your home while enhancing its overall value. And in today’s resale market, a beautiful, low-maintenance exterior can be an important amenity.

A Lifetime of Protection  Not only is SteelSide a premier siding product, it also carries one of the strongest warranties in the industry. SteelSide steel siding is backed by a 40 year, transferable, prorated warranty.

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