Add Functionality and Style to Your Home with New Doors

Your doors keep your home secure. Plus, they serve as the centrepiece of your house’s exterior. If your home’s entryways need a makeover or require replacement, the professionals of Gainer Windows & Doors are ready to spring into action. We install beautiful and quality doors to residents in Sudbury, Ontario.

When to Replace Your Existing Door

A door, when properly maintained, can last decades. There comes a time, however, when it makes more sense to install a new entryway instead of fixing it. If you’re trying to figure out when to replace your entryway, check for these signs:
  • Hanging Doors –Old doors may scrape the ground when you open and close them.
  • Drafty Entryway –A sturdy modern door creates a strong seal that keeps outdoor air out and controlled air in. Your entryway may require replacement if the door is letting the draft into or out of your home.
  • Deteriorating Door Hinges – You may need a new entryway if the hinges begin to display signs of wear or rust.

Benefits of Having a New Door

When you turn to us to replace your old door with a new one, you’ll reap the following benefits:
  • Improved Curb Appeal – Changing your entryways can make a stunning and immediate impact on the exterior of your house.
  • Better Security –Our doors have locking systems that make breaking through the lock difficult.
  • Minimal Maintenance –You don’t need to spend time keeping your entryways in optimal shape.
  • Improved Energy Efficiency – Our doors offer better insulation, allowing them to keep the heat out during the summer and the warmth in during the winter.
  • Advanced Durability –Our high-quality entryways resist peeling, chipping, and warping.
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