Wood siding has always been about looks. Vinyl siding has always been about durability. Foundry brings the best of both together with our specialty siding shake, shingle and stone. The beauty of wood and the strength of vinyl that’s easy to install. Easy to own. Easy to love.

Crafted from 72 molds cast from genuine cedar and stone, our siding has the look and feel of the real thing. With many color options and five unique siding profiles, Foundry makes it easy to create one-of-a-kind styles for residential or multi-family homes. No painting or staining. Foundry goes up easy and the factory colors stay rich and brilliant for decades with almost no maintenance.

Why Foundry?


With many standard and specialty colors and a range of distinctive profiles to choose from, you can match or complement almost any finish.


Whether you’re looking for bold accents or full wrap around application, Foundry can bring years of lasting beauty to any home.


No painting. No staining. No rotting or fading. Foundry gives you unprecedented durability with an industry-best Class 1A fire rating.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

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